Summer Brain Drain

Posted on Mar 29, 2017 - 08:00am by Launch

For children, 'summer brain drain' is a real effect. Maybe you have heard it called the 'summer slump' or 'summer learning loss,' but whatever you call it- it's common and irreversible. Throughout the course of the school year, our children's minds are tasked with new information, constantly challenged, enriched daily and then BAM - a screeching halt once summer arrives. The sleeping late, change in routine, outdoor sports, and lack of reading any new material becomes the new normal. Fast forward to August when we assume a new duty of getting our children's minds back in the game. That is a daunting task!

What can we do to prevent the brain drain? Let us tell you!

There are some quick and easy wins such as:
  • Encourage reading throughout the summer. Pick some good books out together and challenge them to pick it up daily
  • Arts and crafts at home or with friends
  • Take educational outings such as to the zoo or museums with any free time
  • Summer camps

Launch is against brain drain, but serious about fun. Learning can still be fun. In fact, it SHOULD be fun, otherwise you are doing it wrong! This is why we offer so many great summer camps that your child can participate in. Your child can code, explore chemical reactions and potent potions. They can learn about Mars and build robots. Also, a lot of what we do is outside to give them that fresh summer air.

Click here to learn all about our summer camp programs in NYC, as well as to view schedules and pricing. We look forward to seeing your kid at camp this summer. We promise that they can have fun, be outdoors, join with friends, and learn a ton. Together, we can make it their best summer yet.