STEM ... The New Summer Sport

Posted on May, 2017 - 09:49am by Launch

Growing up I think many of us can agree that when we heard the words "summer camp" our minds would go to a place filled with outdoor dodge ball, swimming, tag football, water balloons and games like red-rover. I am sure you can add more to that list! Those activities are great ways to spend the summer for many children. However, what about the kid who isn't into dodge ball OR the kid who likes both tag football AND coding? Can't there be something for everyone? YES!

We came across this article from Reading Eagle that really made us think about this and the hope that parents and children know that summer camps with STEM such as ours DO exist out there! It is wonderful to see some STEM based camps around the US that are providing children with other options that cater to their interests and passions!

With technology flooding our schools, it's time that we start affording our kids the opportunity to expand their interest in STEM. We can continue to give our kids the opportunity to participate in camps with various activity focuses while making new friends with similar interests, whether it be sports or STEM!