Nontraditional Education Earning the Spotlight

Posted on Nov 04, 2015 - 09:23am by Launch

It was exciting to read the recent NY Times Article that discussed the Education Department's movement towards support of nontraditional education. The Education Department will allow students to use federal grants and loans towards programs such as coding bootcamps! For anyone that knows the team here at Launch we are thrilled to see the programs that we love teaching receiving government support (and of course we hope to see accountability designed into the programs). Some of the STEM programs at Launch fall right into this bucket of 'nontraditional' education for children where we focus on things like coding, rocket science or engineering.

Well known Senator Marco Rubio poignantly stated, “This alternative accreditation system we’ve proposed is built on higher quality standards and outcomes than the current accreditation system and would mark an important first step to shake up a higher education system that leaves too many people with tons of student loan debt and without degrees that lead to good paying jobs.” This should truly resonate with readers as we continuously hear how competitively STEM based occupations pay today. 
The US Department of Labor revealed that, "The average wage for all STEM occupations is $85,570, nearly double the average for all occupations ($47,230)." With that said, there is no time like the present to get your children involved in STEM. It is never too young to learn. It is never too early to set your children up for a successful future! Interested in knowing more about the Education Department's pilot - click here!