Female Astronauts

Posted on Feb 23, 2016 - 09:49am by Launch

If you read our last blog you should recall the conversation surrounding young females and the declining rates in STEM. At Launch we strongly encourage young women to get involved in STEM education and we especially love to see females launch their careers in STEM!
We saw recently that the for the FIRST TIME, NASA's latest class is 50% female (Source: NY Times). Out of 6100 applications, the 4 women made the team of 8. We had to share this with you all as this is a major break through!
The 4 women in the photo below are all women who have dreams of going to Mars. If your young daughter wants to be an astronaut she should read the original article that was featured inGlamour where one of the women states "I can't recall NOT wanting to be an astronaut!". NASA also announced that in 15 years all of the female astronauts could be selected for an inaugural trip to Mars. Read the full article here. We hope to follow the story and see if the women make it. #WomenInSTEM