Boundless Biology

Boundless Biology: Adventures In Life Science!

Ages 6-8 / grades 1st to 3rd Not Offered Summer 2016

Campers discover how the world of living things grow, diversify, and interact in Launch’s Boundless Biology camp. From building a home terrarium to modeling cells using Jell-O, this hands-on camp offers kids an “A to Z” journey through life science with topics ranging from anatomy to zoology. Microscopes and petri dishes are put to use as campers explore photosynthesis and forensics, microorganisms and metamorphosis. As always, students bring their experiments and projects home to continue their life science adventures… even after the camp day ends!

Boundless Biology: Adventures In Life Science!

Ages 9-12 / Grades 4th to 7th

Satisfy the curious mind with Launch’s Boundless Biology camp! From growing sea monkeys to creating bacteria cultures, this investigative camp uses experimentation to venture through the world of life science. The camp week is filled with a variety of exciting projects that expose children to topics ranging from microbiology to botany. One day campers act as crime scene investigators analyzing human fingerprints and the next day they transform into zoologists examining the extra components of owl pellets. By the end of the week campers have developed a better understanding of the world around them!

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