rockin' Robotics

Rockin' Robotics

Grades 1st To 3rd - Not Offered Spring 2017

Experience robot-building like never before! In this do-it-yourself class, kids tinker with gadgets and gizmos to produce a series of mechanized contraptions ranging from wobble 'bots to real programmable robots using LEGO WeDo! Students learn about the hardware and coding that’s required to create machines that function on their own. By applying engineering creativity, kids build robots that incorporate sensors to make their creations come alive! Participants also explore their creative side with robot-themed craft building. At the end of the class campers take home all of their DIY robots and artistic creations! Note: Students do not take home projects using LEGO WeDo.

Rockin' Robotics

Grades 4th To 8th

Join the growing maker culture in this advanced robotics camp. Move beyond LEGO and build real robots – robots kids take home for further exploration! This class starts with an introduction to electronics hardware including an Arduino compatible microcontroller with integrated motor driver, a buzzer, and an infrared LED sensor. As the class progresses students build their robots from the ground up while learning how to program the “brains” of their machines using a version of the popular Scratch coding language. By the end of the class, each child takes home an autonomous roving vehicle that can navigate around obstacles and provide countless hours of enjoyment and further learning.

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