coding With Python

Coding With Python

grades 4th to 8th

In this class kids dive into text-based computer programming with the user-friendly Python language! Python is a challenging yet logical next step for budding programmers who have learned Scratch and are ready for more. Kids tackle techniques such as lists, if statements, and loops while refining their problem solving and logical reasoning skills. By the end of the class these young coders can build basic scripts such as text-based adventure games. Previous experience coding with Scratch or similar highly recommended.

Advanced Coding With Python

grades 4th to 8th - not offered Fall 2017

In this class students continue to develop their computer science skills using the Python language. Students learn about recursion, sorting, functions, classes, and receive an introduction to object oriented programming. With proficiency as the ultimate goal, students are challenged to create code that solves real world problems. By completing this challenging class, students obtain a strong foundation in computer science that enables them to explore more complex programming languages. Extensive Python coding experience required.

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