Actions & Reaction:

Fun With Science

Actions & Reaction: Fun With Science

grades 1st to 3rd

Double, double toil and trouble! In this exciting science-based workshop, kids witness and participate in the creation of chemical reactions and relate real-world physical science to their own experiments! With projects ranging from Green Slime to Ramp Racers, kids put scientific principles to the test, while learning about polymers, concentrations and dilutions, and kinetic energy. And, as always at Launch, workshop participants can take their projects home to continue their scientific investigations!

Actions & Reaction: Fun With Science

grades 4th to 8th - Not Offered Spring 2016

Kids explore principles of physics and chemistry in this hands-on workshop! Throughout the program our young scientists study chemical reactions and work on advanced physical experiments that they can take home to share with friends. With projects ranging from the construction of a Camera Obscura, a working electromagnet, and a lava lamp, kids apply the scientific principles of optics, magnetism, ballistics and more!

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