Toddler Math Programs

Moving To The Rhythm Of Math

Ages: 18 - 36 Months

In Launch's innovative math & music program, children begin to foster a love of math as they learn about numbers and shapes. Parents and caregivers participate with their children during finger play, math activities, and games… all set to the tune of a live guitar! It’s never too early to start learning and loving math!

In the Moving To The Rhythm Of Math class tots explore concepts such as counting, reading and identifying numbers, and using a number line. Kids sing along as they absorb vocabulary related to spacial sense, learn the concept of capacity, and compare lengths, weights, and speeds. Parent or caregiver participation is required.

Shapes & Songs, Let's Sing Along!

Ages: 18 - 36 Months

The complementary class to Moving To The Rhythm Of Math, Shapes & Songs, Let's Sing Along! continues to teach tots math concepts with music as the foundation for fun. In this class children learn to identify shapes and their attributes, explore quantity, and discover one-to-one correspondence counting by using their fingers - all to the tune of a guitar. Toddlers learn to recognize patterns around them, practice sorting strategies, and explore size relativity. Parent or caregiver participation is required.

Movin' Up With Math

Ages: 36+ Months (Offered Spring Only)

Launch's transitionary Movin' Up With Math class is designed to engage and inspire tots in a structured setting with more rigorous curriculum than Launch's math & music classes. Movin' Up With Math provides exposure to a variety of math concepts including comparing numbers, making equal groups, patterns, estimation, probability, height, and data analysis using charts and graphs.

With a student-to-instructor ratio of no more than 4-to-1, each child's needs are addressed at their required skill level. The class does not require parent or caregiver participation however we require that a parent or caregiver remain present in the center during class time.