pre-k math

Math For Munchkins

Grade Pre-K (offered Fall only)

Launch's Pre-K Math program is designed to engage young children with stimulating mathematical themes and objects they encounter in their everyday lives. Class sessions provide explicit instruction and age-appropriate activities that encourage tots to think about, talk about and explore math concepts and skills. The program introduces topics through small group activities that foster socialization and captivate kids by disguising learning as fun!

The Math For Munchkins class introduces children to the construction of math sentences with the plus, minus, & equal signs. Concepts such as elapsed time, the measurement of length and width, and 3-D geometry are explored.

Mini Mathematicians

Grade Pre-K (Offered Spring only)

Expanding upon the topics learned in Math for Munchkins, the Mini Mathematicians class offers a deeper dive into concepts that provide the foundation for understanding basic mathematics. This class delves into topics such as subtraction, symmetry, skip counting, and graphing. Lessons involve working with fractions and volume, as well as more abstract concepts such as estimating the capacity of containers. Advanced educational software is introduced.