K-8 Math Instruction

Ages: 5 Years - 13 Years

Launch Learning Juniors
For new Kindergarten students (offered Fall Only)

The Launch Learning Juniors math program provides students with a supportive transition from the Pre-K guided class environment to the highly personalized and independent Launch Learning K-8 Math program.

The Launch Learning Juniors class offers newly minted kindergarten kids with challenging math material to enrich their first year at school. From telling time to skip counting, the Juniors class provides children with advanced curriculum not normally offered to kindergarteners in school or at home. Students are challenged to count money, visualize fractions, employ problem solving strategies, plus a lot more! The class introduces kids to many of the features and teaching methods found in the Launch Learning K-8 Math curriculum to ensure a smooth transition to the next level.

Students attend once a week for 50 minute class sessions. This is a scheduled class that is offered select days and times.

Launch Learning K-8 Math
For Kindergarten Through 8th Grade Students

The Launch Learning K-8 Math program utilizes a unique combination of hands-on teaching tools, computer-based instructional methods and real-world problem-solving techniques - all mixed with a big blast of fun! This afterschool and weekend math program offers an intimate 2:1 student-to-instructor ratio and is designed for children of all learning levels, including remedial for those struggling with mathematics, supplemental for on-level reinforcement, and enrichment for those with advanced skills. Children are individually assessed through an in-depth oral and written evaluation, and a study program is tailor-made to address their specific needs. With every visit each child receives at least 20 minutes of one-on-one instruction to ensure results-driven, individualized learning.

Students attend once or twice a week for 55 minute sessions (K children attend for 45 minutes). All sessions are scheduled in advance. Appointment times are individually pre-arranged and are restricted by availability. For registration information and to request a time slot for your child, please email info@launchmath.com. Optionally, call our center at 212-600-1010 to speak with a representative.

For private instruction with options for homework help and test prep, please refer to our Launch Learning One-2-One program.