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Architecture + Engineering

For Students Entering Grades (1st to 3rd Fall 2016)

Campers take their creations to the limit with Launch's Architecture & Engineering camp. Kids discover mathematical principles necessary to build structures capable of withstanding the forces of nature. From dams that stop powerful flooding waters to bridges that span the widest of gaps, our budding architects and engineers learn how proper designs leads to strong, safe structures. They put their own model-building skills to the ultimate test and then, as always at Launch, take their creations home for more fun!

Architecture + Engineering

For Students Entering Grades (4th to 8th Fall 2016)

In this constructive camp, kids discover creative solutions to architectural puzzles. With materials ranging from toothpicks to marshmallows to bubble wrap, kids use their creativity and knowledge to build structures that can withstand the elements - including a simulated earthquake! Campers learn the scientific principles behind various topics including insulation, levers, and structural geometry and then engineer solutions to problems such as: How can I construct a building that is both tall and strong? What type of bridge should I build to withstand the greatest amount of weight? As always, campers bring their architectural feats home to impress their family and friends! This camp includes a field trip to the Skyscraper Museum in lower Manhattan which leaves campers with a stronger appreciation of skyscrapers and their role in society.

NOTE: Campers spend half of each day tackling projects related to architecture and engineering. The other half of each day is spent exploring relevant math and science topics and engaging in various physical activities both indoors and outdoors (amount of time outdoors varies by camp location). Please refer to the Sample Daily Schedule for details. 

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