Potent Potions + Fizzing Formulas

Potent Potions + Fizzing Formulas

For Students Entering Grades 1st To 3rd Fall 2017

Junior scientists explore the magic of the molecular world of chemistry in this exciting camp that’s full of actions and reactions! Seemingly magical topics such as polymers, rate of reaction, oxidation and chromatography are unmasked as we reveal the science through projects such as gooey slime, shiny crystals, disappearing objects and foamy explosions. Kids are mesmerized by the colorful fizzing formulas that make up the world around us, forcing them to ask the question: is it magic, or is it science?

NOTE: Full-day Launch camps engage children mentally as well as physically. Half of each day is spent working on theme based projects and challenges. The other half of each day is spent participating in a combination of high energy games and STEM exploration activities. Campers go outdoors and should come with sneakers and sunscreen pre-applied. For additional information please refer to the Sample Camp Day schedule found on the Summer Camps page of this website.

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