Wheels & Water: 
Vehicles In Motion!

Wheels & Water: Vehicles In Motion!

grades 1st to 3rd Not Available Fall 2016

If you liked our Rocket Science program, get ready to be grounded with Launch’s transportation workshop! Kids feed their need for speed while exploring the math and science that governs how trains, cars and boats move. From sailing ships to maglev trains, Launch takes transport to a whole new level. Kids test their creations on the ground and in water (kiddie pool provided!). And of course, all Launch children race home with their models in-hand!

Wheels & Water: Vehicles In Motion!

grades 4th to 8th

Travel on land and water was never so much fun! Workshop participants learn how Newton's laws of motion apply to trains, cars and boats. Kids explore the logic, methodology, math and science that is used to design and build various types of ground and sea transportation. While exploring alternative fuel sources, kids construct saltwater-, wind-, and solar-powered vehicles. Throughout the workshop participants create their own models which they can take home for further exploration, but not before putting their hand-made projects to the test!

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