21st Century Robotics: Better, Stronger, Faster

grades 1st to 3rd

R2D2, WALL-E, The Six Million Dollar Man… We all remember those futuristic machines! Seemingly unrealistic at the time, robotics has finally come of age in the 21st century. From self-driving cars to robotic roller coasters, kids learn about sophisticated machines that are tackling complex tasks – with amazing speed and precision. At Launch kids study the fundamentals of engineering and technology necessary to create these amazing robots, and then construct simplified models of their own to reinforce the principles learned. From projects such as Car Bots and DoddleBots to programmable LEGO WeDo machines, kids at Launch are immersed in a world of industrial and service robots.

Rockin’ Robotics: Creativity Abound

grades 4th to 8th

In Launch’s newest robotics class, we supply the tools and our students supply the creativity! Kids move beyond LEGO and build real robotic machines – robots they take home to keep for further exploration. Using a programmable Hummingbird Duo Microcontroller as the brain, campers set off and use their imagination to add various motors, sensors, LEDs, wheels, and body parts to their designs. Once they have created a moving horse, or perhaps a speedy racecar (or whatever they imagine!), students bring their creations to life by using Snap!, Python, or Java to code their Hummingbird Duos so that their robots do whatever they desire. Most exciting, each class begins with a theme or goal and ends with different robotic designs!

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