3-2-1- Blasts Off! 
Rocket Science

3-2-1- Blasts Off! Rocket Science

grades 1st to 3rd - Not Offered Fall 2016

From paper airplanes to air-powered rockets, from balsa wood gliders to balloon helicopters, kids explore the mechanical how’s and why’s of aerospace engineering in a fun, hands-on way. Our young scientists learn all about the experiences of a real rocket scientist through an inspiring and motivating presentation.  Kids end the class with flying models of their own, a 747-sized inspiration and new friends who share common interests!

3-2-1- Blasts Off! Rocket Science

Grades 4th To 8th - Not Offered Fall 2016

From rubber band powered model planes to high-pressure rockets, from flight simulators to remote control helicopters, kids begin this class by exploring the four forces of flight (thrust, drag, lift, and gravity) and end with a solid understanding of various types of airborne vehicles. The highlight of the program is a special field trip to Central Park where the kids fly their balsa planes under the supervision of our staff. So get ready because a program filled with high-flying fun is in store!

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