Rocket Science + 
Aerospace Engineering

Rocket Science: Destination Mars

grades 1st to 3rd

Join our flight crew as we blast off to Mars! This exciting class is all about rockets and how they are fueling our knowledge of other worlds. Mission preparation includes building mini launch vehicles and conducting experiments to explore the science behind space travel. From the basics of Newton’s Laws to solid and liquid propellants, kids learn what it takes to be a real rocket scientist! The journey continues with a touchdown on the red planet where we establish a colony, build a rover, and orbit a satellite to explore the Martian landscape. It’s sure to be an experience that’s out of this world!

Explorations in Aerospace Engineering

Grades 4th To 8th - Not Offered Fall 2017

From aerodynamics and orbital mechanics to multi-stage rockets and geosynchronous satellites, Launch students delve into the academics and applications of aerospace engineering. Why do rocket and satellite parts need to be made both strong and light? What’s the difference between solid and liquid propellants? How did SpaceX successfully land a used first stage rocket motor?? Kids explore these and other topics as they build DIY projects that reinforce the science and technology behind this exciting field of engineering.

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