Amplified Electronics

Amplified Electronics

Grades 1st to 3rd

Amplify your child’s interest in electronics with this exciting class! Kids tinker with switches, LEDs, buzzers and wire to create a series of simple circuits that form the foundation for exciting DIY designs. Projects such as Electronic Quiz and Burglar Alarm generate excitement while students explore concepts ranging from conductivity to solar power! And yes, Playdoh is conductive! By the end of the week kids understand how electricity amps up the world around them! As always, our budding electrical engineers take home all of their powered electronic devices!

Amplified Electronics

Grades 4th to 8th 

The maker culture comes alive as children explore the world of electronics using an Arduino microcontroller! Students begin the week learning about series and parallel circuits. As the class progresses, kids experiment with the flow of current in an Arduino using resistors, capacitors, LEDs and more to build various projects. By the end of the class students have a better understanding of microcontrollers and their components, and each child leaves camp with their very own Arduino!

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