"We are very excited about the program, and thanks so much for creating an environment our girls always look forward to and find challenging."
Father of 3 girls enrolled in Launch Learning K-8 Math

"My son is really enjoying Launch.  I have never seen him be excited about going to a learning class - EVER!!  I think what you are doing at the center is terrific!"

Mother of 2nd grade student

"Thanks for the great work that you and your team do for our son and all of the children.  We are thrilled by how much he enjoys going to Launch!"

Mother of student enrolled in Launch Learning K-8 Math

"My son is having a great time at camp thus far.  When I asked how it was yesterday, he replied "one word mom: awesome!"

Mother of a child enrolled in summer camp

"My son LOVED launch yesterday!  He was so excited about going back today (and he is a kid who doesn't like a lot of camps that we've tried over the years!)

Mother of a 4th grade camper

"My daughter had a blast at Launch (pun intended).  She learned more in a week - making robots, solar powered trains, and animated software - than I could have taught her in a lifetime."

Father of a summer camper

"Thank you so much for such a great summer. My son was so excited to go to camp everyday and was so proud  of all the cool projects he brought home..."

Mother of a summer camper

"I just had to write and let you know that my son has asked us every single day, "when can I go back to Launch?" You all made quite the impression."

Mother of a summer camper

"I have to tell you how impressed I was by the thoroughness and content of your assessment.  The questions you were asking both girls were so relevant to what they had learned and studied this year.  It was such a refreshing change from the Kumon assessment process..."
Mother of 3rd and 4th grade students

"My son loves it so much that they have to kick him out all the time when the sessions end."
Mother of a student enrolled in Coding With Scratch

"I think my son feels the momentum.  We definitely should get a jump start on next year over the summer.  All in all, Launch has helped him in many ways."
Mother of a 6th grade student

"My son LOVED Launch and is begging me to go back."
Mother of a child enrolled in summer camp

"My daughter had such a great time at Launch Camp!  I have to say that I am impressed at the activities that you have set out for the kids - she was excited every time that she came home!"
Mother of a 2nd grade camper

"My son really loves the class.  The entire weekend he was adding and counting pretty much everything that came across his path."
Mother of a pre-k child

"My son is having the BEST time. He came home to my parents yesterday with his mechanical critter and talking about the movie he saw at the Natural History Museum! He loved the entire day!!!"

Mother of a summer camper

"I wanted to tell you that my son had the most wonderful time at Launch this past week.  We were commuting in from Brooklyn, which is a haul, and yet, at the end of what might have been a long week, my son was completely energized about the experience.  He hated to see it end."

Mother of a summer camper