Our Mission

We're Serious About Fun:

Kids Create, Play + Learn At Launch!

Launch Math + Science Centers provide toddlers to tweens with

inspiring math instruction and STEM-based camps and classes.

The Launch Approach

Studies have shown that a child's motivation to learn serves as a critical element in the education process, yet student motivation shows a significant linear decrease from 3rd grade through 8th grade.* Launch offers a unique approach to math & science education by providing kids with tangible links between the science of everyday life and the world of mathematics to successfully stimulate a child's motivation to learn!

At Launch, children learn the relevance of math in the real world. By engaging kids with fun, real world activities that illustrate math's connection to the science-related subjects they love, they become passionate about learning mathematics. And when kids are excited about learning, improved grades are a welcome and achievable result.

We Get Results!

Studies have shown that many children who used our methods increased their math fluency by more than 70%.** Furthermore, our hands-on learning tools help kids think critically and gain confidence in their own ability to solve problems. Motivation is critical for educational achievement. At Launch, our learning tools, combined with real world activities and enthusiastic instructors and camp counselors, inspire children to achieve math and science success.

*Lepper, Mark R. "Motivational Considerations in the Study of Instruction." COGNITION AND INSTRUCTION & Lepper, M. R., Corpus, J. H., & Iyengar. S. S. Journal of Educational Psychology 

** Based on research by Dr. Ted Hasselbring, Professor of Special Education, Vanderbilt University. Results may vary