Meet the Founder

Scott Heifetz, Founder and Director

I founded Launch with one mission in mind: Inspire children to love and learn math and science!

Over the course of my career, I enjoyed using math in the real world. Whether building NASA rockets and satellites as an aerospace engineer or building businesses as a Chief Financial Officer, mathematics and science were always the foundation for my achievements. In an effort to share my enthusiasm for math and science, I worked for the largest tutoring company in New York City that provided services under the No Child Left Behind Act and as a professor at a local college in Manhattan.

I leveraged all of these experiences to formulate the Launch mission. Math is the "language of science" and through my studies and experiences I learned to speak the language successfully, ultimately designing rockets and satellites that orbit the Earth today. At Launch, we demonstrate this same philosophy with real-world math instruction and exciting science-based activities for kids. By showing children the connection between math as a "language" and science-based activities they truly enjoy, a passion builds that motivates and inspires them to love and learn math and science.

At Launch, we look forward to bringing math and science down to earth for your child!

Scott Heifetz
Launch Director

Scott earned aerospace engineering degrees from The University of Michigan and Caltech,
and an MBA from NYU's Stern School of Business.